Actualizado: 2 de sep de 2019

This work is part of a series of performances that explore the relationship between inhabited spaces and the cultural aspects they contain. It is an aesthetic exploration of the social and political dimensions of the landscape through participatory models, starting with the body as a space of action.

¨Geopolitical games¨ is a new project that focuses on the implicit diversity in the development of national geopolitics. National identities come from the miscegenation of different origins, cultures and races. They struggle to unify variety as a way to define boundaries. Their symbols, icons, and monuments are meant to create a single discourse, even when each nation is the sum of various nations. All the nations that we carry in the body are all identities that build one single nation.

The United States of America signify these ideas in the diversity of cultures kept inside. Many countries live in this country. Many citizenships are part of its system. Its exchange shapes and shaped the nation over time. National identities are slowly built but they are always under construction: their boundaries are always alive.

This project aims to build these ideas beyond representation, transforming them into a game. Geopolitical gamesis a participatory performance where a group of people is building the US flag in the air. People get together through an open call, as a statement of the diversity that made any nation. The flag is built playing with red, white, and blue balls being thrown and caught by participants, with no goal other than the exchange. This performance begins with the people inflating the spheres, taking position and pointing to the sky. The process is spontaneous; the result is its metaphors: The latent poetics of the national identity as common construction, bouncing in the air.

The project take place in Fort McHenry, the birthplace of the United States Flag. The Star-Spangled Banner that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the song that would become the national anthem of The US. History tells us that the flag flew over Fort McHenry in Baltimore Harbor during the Battle of Baltimore in 1812. This project aims to inspire through the historical facts. It remakes the history through a battle of balls, building the US Flag over the air, transforming the fort into a playground. Here, we are all part of the game, keeping the ball in the air and the game alive.

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