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Plaza Caracas, Venezuela




Participatory performance to measure the void of one of the most representative public spaces in the governmental district of Caracas. "Area" is the quantitative term to demonstrate the qualitative content of the social, political and cultural loads that public spaces support. These contents generate the limits of parallel cities as a result of polarization. It is a division used and created by dictatorial governments as a political strategy for the perpetuation of power. This project aims to blur these borders through the construction of a new common area in the political center of the Capital City.


This work was done within the framework of the Salón de Jóvenes conFIA_XVIIEdition curated by Ruth Auerbach. Won the Second Prize of the hall, awarded by Sofía Hernández Chong-Cuy, Patricia Velasco and Lorena González as a qualifying jury.


Collaborators: Kathiana Cardona, Yuri Liscano, Diego González, Julio Mesa, Tiago Loureiro, Manuel Villagómez, Saúl Yuncoxar.


70 participants, 400 linear meters.

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