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I am interested in starting from the body as a space to create structures capable of generating experiences and ideas on utopian realities. All my works are participatory constructions, devices that question the established and seek to transform realities from the dialogue between people and their contexts in different dimensions.


These works consist of interventions. The works engage with the landscape and the landscape also engages with the works. My research tries to recognize these relationships of transaction to be unveiled in living artworks where the change is its substance. Art today approaches society in a different way, it tries to re-establish relationships with life beyond its representation. The arts are introduced into the everyday, connecting with it until it becomes part of itself. There is a relationship of exchange between the work and life from a mutual transformation.


My works come from recognizing that phenomena develops in the landscape, involving people to intervene in its creation. They are made from collective participation in regards to specific contexts. These projects are social and political constructions in the public space to built concepts that are related to and from the landscape itself.




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