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Monumentos Horizontales 
Guadalajara, Mexico

Espacios Revelados GDL.

2020 Monumentos Horizontales Miguel Brac

Video Cenital

4K 4096  ×  2160


2020 Monumentos Horizontales Miguel Brac

Video Lateral

 4K 4096  × 2160


Participatory performance developed at Plaza Juárez in Guadalajara, Mexico. The project would begin with the appearance of a 1: 1 scale replica of the obelisk located in the plaza close to the statue of Benito Juárez. The object was installed on the ground with a new materiality, making this monument a malleable object close to the body. From there, what to do with it? This question sparked a series of discussions that turned into actions; Students together with members of the community meet to give voice and form to the ideas that were born from the transformation of this object. The work was proposed as an formative and performative project to imagine alternative models of monuments; transforming the obelisk in an assembly.


Project developed within Espacios Revelados GDL, together with the Goethe-Institut Mexiko, and Cultura Jalisco; with the participation of students from TEC, ITESO and ESARQ, together with members of the local community.




Alejandra Ibañez Gómez

Lola Bianchín

Camila Aguirre

Alejandra Carillo

Joachim Gerstmeier

Aristeo Mora de Anda

Aldo Álvarez

Viviana Gutierrez

Gabriel Sánchez-Mejorada

Luis Pont

Christian Rodríguez

Ilona Goyeneche

Gabriela Halac

Lourdes González

Enrique Morales Bautista

Juvenal Urzúa

Juan Carlos Guerrero

Yair López

Patricia, Igor Ojeda

Lucía Ortíz Arellano

Germán Tenorio Bernal

María Dolores Yamuni Garate

Deborah Garay

Jorge Emmanuel Romero

Patricia Figueroa Gámez

Lisbeth Andrea Salas

Tuulia Kivistö

Santeri Paronen

Brenda Janeth Pérez Benavides

Guillermo Cortés Reyes

Daniel Isaías Cervantes

Sandra Medina Madrid

Alma Mariana Durán

Patricia Mariel Pelayo Elizondo

Federico Irazába

Estefanía Madrigal Santana

Alejandra García Ortiz

Maximiliano Gutiérrez González


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