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Rosario, Colombia


Installation to rebuild the border memory of Colombia and Venezuela through transit. "Socavar (Undermining)" is a form of research that this work is considered as an aesthetic practice, a tool to rebuild the lost landscape of a train that exists in the memory of two border countries. Colombia and Venezuela are two nations with complex relationships in history; their cultural boundaries are more imprecise than the geographical landmarks that divide them. Their borders are dilated and contracted by the traffic that forms hybrid regions of intermediate countries, new regions that are born in the border thresholds marked by transformation. The railroad meant much more than a means of transportation, its presence altered the physical, human and political geography of the countries it entered. This work seeks to rethink how these flows in history are confronted by its social and political reality today.


Honorable mention X Salón Regional de Jóvenes Artistas


Project developed within the framework of the¨Lunada del Rosario Antiguo 2014¨ and later exposed in the Contemporary Art Museum of Zulia as par of the ¨Salón X Regional de Jóvenes Artistas¨.

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