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The Last Swim
Skowhegan School of Art, Maine

Collective performance the day before leaving Skowhegan School of Painting. A group of artists from the class of 2021 entered the lake with soluble paper to be absorbed by the water. The performance unfolded as a ceremony of closure, a gift to the place, offering our memories to the lake. It is a poetical gesture of archiving the experiences in the landscape, experiences that won't disappear because the water will contain them. The power of absorption of water is a reminder through our bodies that this place leaves something in us but also we all leave something in this place; even when this experience ends it will remain.


Marcel Alcala

Miguel Braceli

Mairead Delaney

Angela Hoener

Carolina Maki Kitagawa

Jemila MacEwan

Gozie Ojini

Javier Orfon

Alicia Reyes McNamara

Amina Ross

Eugenio Salas

Abed Elmajid Shalabi

Jesus Trevino

Israel Urmeer

Kushala Vora

Alexander Richard Wilson

Derrick Woods-Morrow

Areum Yang

Meredith Gaglio

Lilly McElroy

Joe Harjo

Christopher Carroll



Students, Faculty, and Staff of Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Summer of 2022


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