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True Love's Kiss
A Queer Fairy Tale in Provincetown

Provincetown, Massachussets.

Participatory performance

Inspired by the queer historical legacy of this town, together with my own story, this work aimed to explore a diversity of versions of what love is and how it exists, encompassing memories, lessons, thoughts, and advice to perform a fairy tale of progressive values. 


This project has been built in five chapters -Map of Love, Dear Daddy, Demon’s Battle, True Love’s Kiss, and The Ball- developed in a seven-month collaboration with artists and different members of the Provincetown community. During this time, I’ve been collecting stories, pursuing interviews, acting in improvisational theater, attending townie’s private parties, and living the secret winter life of the town itself. The off-season is when Provincetown’s wizard ecosystem comes alive, nesting an art community with a unique world of rituals and culture before surviving another gentrified summer.


Within an entanglement of sunset paintings, dark rooms, cruising cemeteries, poetry readings, and blizzarded floods, it unfolds True Love’s Kiss, a participatory performance developed through an open call to help me find love. Anyone in town was invited to kiss me in the middle of the “Breakwater”. In this chapter my wish melts with my work; challenging the heteronormative imagery of a True Love's Kiss, and diversifying the narratives of idealized romance, for me and others.  


This Fairy Tale is about my aim for love and acceptance as much as about Provincetown as the tale of a land where freedom and care are shielded from the world. Fairy tales are learning tools that use fantasy to carefully expose children to the enchants and miseries of humanity, forging character and values. Provincetown offers fantasy for adults, as a place to live all the stories we were never told, enhancing the values we’ve had to build on our own. True Love’s Kiss: A Queer Fairy Tale in Provincetown is a self-portrait created through a collective gesture in an attempt to inspire intergenerational wisdom. 

Performance in collaboration with “Saltine”, Fairy Godmother’s procession.

Fine Arts Work Center
Exhibition March - April 2024
Residency October 2023 - April 2024


Saltine’s Wand and Hatt

Sculpture in collaboration with 

Mike Sullivan 

Sunflower boy'

Script from "Cody plays with Miguel"

Presented 03/18/2024 at Gifford House

Cody Sullivan



Halloween party 09/31/2023

Miguel Braceli

True Love’s Kiss


Performance trials 03/11/2024

Sasha Wortzel 

Exhibition documentation

Eduardo Fermín

Participatory performance:

Adeniyi Ademoroti

Aden Choate

Agnes Walden

Aaron Lecklider

Ashley Milan

Brian Halley

Casey Tara Schmidt

Clément Gaujal

Dave Maurice Hasse

David Yates

Ed Macri

Emma Fillion

Gavin Kennedy

Harlan Gulko

Hunter Gaiotti 

James Ryan

Jay Critchley

Jeremy Bearer-Friend

Joshua Willis

Josh Butts

Lindsay K. Miles

Matt Gunn

Mike SullivanNaya Bricher

Nicholas Medvescek 

Patrick Nolan

Pat Kearns 

Shawn Fiedler

Tinja Ruusuvuori

Trevor Mikula

Rehab El Sadek

Sharon Polli

Tessera C. Knowles



Craig Montague

Eduardo Fermín

Sasha Wortzel


Fine Arts Work Center

Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant

Patrick Nolan and Clément Gaujal

Provincetown Community


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