Construir el Mar

Central University of Venezuela



Participatory performance to "Construir el mar (Build the sea)" in the University City of Caracas. Transforming the sea into a human creation is the metaphor for intensifying the modern utopia of a tropical country. This campus was an ambitious project that could build everything but still could not build a sea. This work proposes to build the Caribbean Sea as a reflection on the modern ideals of Venezuela in the 1950s, ideals that contrast with the vicissitudes of the social and political context of Caracas today. 

Gerardo Zavarce: Construir el Mar

Collaborators: Hendrína Díaz, Diego González, Tiago Loureiro, Yuri Liscano, Kathiana Cardina, Ulises Zavala, Ivette Becerra, Saúl Yuncoxar

Fundación Arts Connection, COPRED, Galería Universitaria de Are UCV.




60 participants, 300 linear meters.