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Central University of Venezuela



Participatory performance in homage to the Aula Magna. The Clouds by Alexander Calder in the Aula Magna designed by Carlos Raúl Villanueva constitute one of the most significant works of art and architecture at the University City of Caracas. "Traslaciones" consisted of a performance to get these clouds to the university campus and redraw them through the displacement of people. This intervention is made 60 years after the inauguration of the Aula Magna, in a diametrically opposite social, political and economic context. Its only elements were the people who make life at the University.


Commission of the Department of Culture of the Central University of Venezuela and the University Art Gallery in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Aula Magna.


Collaborators:María Egea, Kathiana Cardona, Yuri Liscano, Nelson Pinto, Julio Mesa, Félix Vásquez, Saúl Yuncoxar, Josymar Rodríguez.

300 participants.

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