Dispositivos para el habitar

Workshop, FAU UCV


Educational project with architecture students for the development of intervention projects in the favelas of Caracas. The projects constitute a series of low-cost and systematic design strategies in order to be replicated by the community. The students worked individually with a specific family in the ¨Barrio Nuevo¨ neighborhood in the design of pieces that responded to the needs of each home.


Collaboration with Professors Maria Alejandra Moleiro and Grace Souky in the framework of an academic project with students from 5th to 8th semester of the Taller X FAU UCV.



Inés Achabal

Gioconda Berríos

Alfredo Castillo

Luis Castro

Jonathan Corro

Katherine De Jesús

Valeria Escobar

Juan Carlos Figuera

Verónica González

Gustavo Jiménez

Ángel Hernández

Franklin Mendoza

Natalia Mendoza

Alexandra Mercado

Julio César Mesa Arboleda

Lilina Oviedo

Andrea Palacios

Raquel Paolini

Luciana Pimentel

Alan Rodríguez

Adriana Rodríguez

Maria Corina Sacchini

Adriana Tenorio

Gigliola Varvaro

Saúl Yuncoxar