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Espacios Sensoriales

Workshop, FAU UCV

Museo de Bellas Artes, Caracas


Educational project with architecture students to create ephemeral spaces sensitive to landscape transformations and viewer action. The project began with a series of interventions at the Faculty of Architecture of the Central University of Venezuela and culminated in new interventions at the Museum of Fine Arts in Caracas. Both buildings were designed by Carlos Raúl Villanueva, who is known for "synthesis of the arts" which is the focus of this research.


Collaboration with Professor Juan Manuel Mendoza in the framework of an academic project with students from 5th to 8th semester of the Taller X FAU UCV.


Julio Mesa

Seham Arvelo

José Luís García

Tiago Loreio

Jausalit Jautegui

Jankarlo Pitto

Gabriela Callejón

Vanessa Fernández

Karla Escalona

Patricia Gouveia

Jade Álvarez

Luis Patiño

Luis Castro

Rodolfo Sauna

Ariana Ramírez

Ana Yira Ruiz

Krystina Piwowarzick

Oriane Quintero

Mariana Ferraro

Manuel Villagómez

Ariadna Guerrero

Mercedes Granados

Susan Silva

Greta Díaz

Laura Vivas

Anmaly Carrero

Gabriela Esteves

Damián Castillo

Deborah Betancourt

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