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Here Lies a Flag 
Formative Project

New Rochelle, New York

Project in collaboration with New Rochelle High School students

Here Lies a Flag is a collective performance in collaboration with New Rochelle High School students to bury a flag as a poetic gesture and formative experience. The project begins by lowering the American flag from the flagpole in Davenport Park in New York, to make room for a new overflowing and borderless flag. Once the flag was installed, students participated in an assembly: a discussion about the “uses and abuses of a flag," substituting nationalisms for a humanistic approach to borders that overshadows the idea of nation. The project ends with a burial: The act of burying a flag opens a poetic approach to the imagination of new possible geopolitics.




In Here Lies A Flag, Braceli and students from New Rochelle High School (in Westchester County, New York) dug a large hole in the ground in order to perform the action of burying a flag. This metaphorical process provides several different conceptual and pragmatic outcomes. First and foremost, it serves as an expressive means of acknowledging the cultural history of the land. Our contemporary nations have been established on lands with a rich history of past and present civilizations that have utilized and maintained the land prior to the arrival of colonial settlers. More often than not, the colonialists displaced Indigenous communities. The American flag, with its fifty stars and stripes representing each state in the nation, encapsulates this displacement. By planting the flag into longstanding Indigenous soil, this symbol of geocultural identity negates and erases the hundreds of Indigenous nations who established themselves on the land for generations before Europeans showed up. This reality and the ongoing struggle for equal, equitable and justice-based sovereignty and representation, is the crux of "Here Lies A Flag."


Collaborative Installation

Teacher statement

2021 Here Lies a Flag Miguel Braceli New Rochelle NY-39.jpg
2021 Here Lies a Flag Miguel Braceli New Rochelle NY-40.jpg

Three Channel Video
4K 4096  ×  2160



Danillo Nieto

 Leah Shefferman

Terrell  Thompson

Diego Zarraga

Joanna Fishman

Carlos Pancecko

Maribela Dias

Jordan Dallow

Ashton Cestone

Inaya Uzun 

Emma Farley 

Quentin Bidwell 

Sofia Koffler 

Elizabeth Ortiz 

Arianna Sookhai 

Sabrina Fragoso 

Zelda Sill

Cecilia Roe

Stephanie Flore

Rebecca power

Nastashya Johnson

Sydney Relkin

Jordan Hembury

Maya Swaim

Luca Ramet

Jessica Weiss

Emily Bates

Albi Goci

Eric Rojas Funez

Noel Franco

Olivia Vigue

Julieta Garcia

Nedda Alhumadi

Kimberly Velona

Vanessa Ramirez Aparicio 

Leyla Selman

Diego Hernanez

Riley Guzman

Michaela Waterston

Bree Tilford

Israel Illa 

Amber Lee


Alexandra Brock

Scott Seaboldt

Joanna Schomber

Moira McCaul


Theresa Kump Leghorn

John Reverlol

Ali Cordero Casal

Vincent Parise

William Zimmerman

Danny Potocki

Thomas Rugghio

Noelle Heffernan

Kalecia Littman

Ledy Aguilera

Karen Naula

Julie Konvisser


Daniel Martínez

Eduardo Fermin

Alberto Barreto

Oliver Krisch

Ma-Fer Rodriguez

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