Enterrar Las Banderas en el mar

Antofagasta, Chile


Complejo Educativo Juan José Latorre Benavente 



Video Cenital

1920 × 1080

8:00 min


Video Lateral

1920 × 1080

3:24 min


SACO Festival de Arte Contemporáneo

Collective performance where a group of students from Antofagasta (Chile) descend hills with flags to be submerged in the sea. The action takes place at the epicenter of the Pacific War. It is a territory of historical geopolitical conflicts, whose borders have recently become strained by the increasing migrations from South America. This project seeks to rethink the relations between nationalism and its direct consequences on xenophobia. The work proposes to dilute these tensions and their social implications from the poetics of the gesture: keeping the flags contained in the same plane, moving in unison; faded in the sea.

Project developed in SACO Festival de Arte Contemporáneo 8, with the participation of students from the Complejo Educativo Juan José Latorre Benavente, comuna de Mejillones, Chile.




Baytiare Moya

Avelin Vega

Javiera Toro

Camila Jara

Renata Salazar –Roygers

Sebastián Briceño

Janel Araneda

Michelle Torres

Dusan Djurovich

Yarela Julio

Ana Freire

Javiera Pérez

Jocelin Longa

Martina Cassi

Johan Méndez

Vicente Pizarro

Cristoffer Chiappa

Grace Vidal

Paz Arriaza