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2019 HERE WE ARE MICA-1303 copi aa


Here We Are

Act I. Postcards from Iwo Jima

Act II. Postcards from LatinAmerica


MICA Day of Service

Maryland Institute College of Art


Collective performance to raise a living flag in front of the house of government of the city of Baltimore. Baltimore is one of the "sanctuary cities" of the United States, those that protect its inhabitants from federal immigration laws. This project seeks to reflect on the concepts of city, citizens and citizenship from the poetic gesture of the construction of the territory through the ceremony of raising a flag, a protocol act transformed into a playful action. What is usually a military ceremony here is transformed into a civic celebration; in an open project of overflowing; in an action impossible to contain.


Project developed with the participation of MICA students and in collaboration with MICA Day of Service, MICA Graduate Studies and Leslie King Hammond Fellowship Award.


Act I

Interdisciplinary Sculpture Students

Jia Le Ling, Ken Ha, Maggie Chang, Kate Pérez, Gilda Gutiérrez.


Act II


Alexa Barboza

Annie Kwon

Ariana Raad

Ariana Vilchis

Avionna Fitzhugh

Beatrice Browne

Bomin Jeon

Callee McCosby

Carmen Jimenez

Celine Krempp

Daylin Chess

Diana Liu

Gianna Chun

Gilda Gutierrez

Jayden Overton-O’Hara

Jeanette He

Jia Le Ling

Justin Stattford

Kate Perez

Kathryn Evans

Ken Ha

Madison McIntyre

Maggie Chang

Nicolás Rodríguez Melo

Quinton Batts

Saloni Shah

Samantha Ho

Seno Wang

Terri Ogwulumba

Thea Ferdinand

Victoria Cho

Vivian Soler

Yael Bloom

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