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2016 Casa Cuerpo Serie A3 Miguel Braceli-9633
2016 Casa Cuerpo Serie A9 Miguel Braceli-9700
2016 Casa Cuerpo Serie A15 Miguel Braceli-9745
2016 Casa Cuerpo Serie A16 Miguel Braceli-9768
2016 Casa Cuerpo Serie B3 Miguel Braceli-9685
2016 Casa Cuerpo Serie C3 Miguel Braceli-9867


Casa Cuerpo

Workshop, FAU UCV




Educational project with architecture students to build habitable structures from and for the body. Each student designs a model as part of a larger project, according to a set of guidelines. The exercise aims to make the body a living space and use it as context at the same time.


Project developed with first year stutents at the Taller X FAU UCV. The documentation of the pieces was made at the Theater of the Centro Cultural Chacao.


Simón Salvatierra

Karelys Padrino

Omar Vargas

Sarah Chocrón

Mariangel González

Luis Mario Quintero

Andrea Cruz

Erick Chocrón

Maria Angélica Herrera

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