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po Miguel B


Habitar el Aire del Cuerpo

Workshop, FAU UCV



Espacio Monitor Galería

Educational project to create spaces from the breathing of multiple bodies. The work seeks to inhabit the air we carry inside: make this substance an ethereal space that is built with our breath. They are experimental models capable of enhancing the relationships between individual and collective actions to produce living spaces. Sharing the air of the body is an action that invites you to imagine how social systems are transformed through inhabition.


Project developed with first year stutents at the Taller X FAU UCV. The documentation of the pieces was made at the Theater of the Centro Cultural Chacao and through a performance at Espacio Monitor Gallery.


Mayra Aguilar

Jorge Benite

 Roberto Colina

Claudia Gouverneur

Zulymar Huice

Dayjyli Martínez

Melissa Mitchel

María Palomares

Yeyfrancis Portes

Brenda Vargas

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