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Casas Para Volar

Workshop, FAU UCV



2016 Casas Para Volar-4325

Class in Plaza Cubierta

Educational project with architecture students to build spaces made from the wind. Each student designs an inflatable structure generated by the air and tensions of their own body. The exercise aims to approach the body, architecture and landscape from empirical processes developed on site. ¨Houses to fly¨ is a project that seeks to relate to the architectural values of the University City of Caracas through direct intervention on its spaces.


Project developed with students of the first semester of the architecture in the Taller X FAU UCV.


Victor Acosta

Gabriel Betancourt

Jesús Chacón

Nagib El Richani

Barbara González

Fausto Indriago

Katherine Luna

Whitman Mendez

Nayelis Navarro

Yarkeliz Palma

Paulo Ramírez

Andrea Rondón

Jackson Sibulo

Victoria Torres

Isabel Vargas

Crysmar Egana

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